About Isabella

Hi, WELCOME, I’m Isabella

Isabella founder weightlossdetoxcleanse-com

My Brief Story

I’m an administrative assistant and natural healer, mother of two, living in a warm and wonderful country in south Europe – Portugal, with beautiful beaches and sunny days all year round.

At the age of 29, by the end of my second pregnancy I got sick, I followed the conventional medicine for many years without seeing improvements, I got sicker and sicker, I couldn’t sleep at night with pain all over my back, lots of medical exams, analysis, etc..

Lots of medicines, NSAIDs and painkillers without any effect. All the pharmaceutical prescriptions that doctors gave me, failed to give me a single night’s sleep.    

For so long, too many years indeed, almost ten years of suffering, I was lost and without hope. I started having all the side effects of the drugs and it was getting worse and worse…    

So I knew I had to stop taking them, I started researching for solutions in natural medicines.

The Way Out …

Many natural medicines failed too, my pain was still  there, until I found homeopathy and at last… it worked. The doctor said something I have never heard all my life “this medicine is not for your illness, it’s for you, it will heal what’s wrong in your body”. What a new concept! a medicine not for my illness, but for my whole body! my hope became alive from that day on.        

It was so true, my body started to heal, I could stop the pharmaceutical drugs. All sickness was reversed in about one and a half year period, till it stopped improving.

Then I started trying other holistic therapies, always improving my health.

I tried many holistic therapies and hundreds of natural supplements in the process, I got better each day.

I’ve been in the valley of the shadow of death but GOD raised me up, back to the land of the living.

Many miracles happened along the way in my healing journey, for instance — my pain vanished with just, water and salt! For ever! not a single drug managed to do that, what a Miracle!, can you imagine how amazing this was for me!?

I started my detoxification process, I was so toxic without even realizing it. I was able to reverse all sickness, and a genetic disease, ankylosing spondylitis!

When we are toxic overload, toxins form masses where it is not supposed to be  and it press on the ligaments, this causes pain and blocking of movements, and changes the whole biomechanics.  I tried physical therapy for about a year, with no results.                                               

Fortunately I found an innovative physiotherapy clinic, with advanced machines, that managed to unlock me and gave me back all the range of movements that I already thought lost forever! My eternal gratitude.

It has been a long way, I’ve learned so much. I’ve been studying natural medicine with doctors from the Health Sciences Institute.

I was overweight and sick, but now I’m healed and fit. I have been blessed.

My Mission

My mission is to help other people to achieve their best version, so many are overweight, sick, and lost without hope, I want to show them solutions.

My Divine mission is to help heal the world and make it a better place. I want to share the way to a new and vibrant life, with happiness and purpose.

With love,


Founder weightIossdetoxcIeanse.com