isabella-weightlossdetoxcleanseHi Everyone, WELCOME to my website Weightloss Detox Cleanse, I am SOO thrilled You are here!


I am Isabella, an administrative assistant and natural healer, mother of two, living in a warm and wonderdul country in south Europe – Portugal, with beautiful beaches and sunny days all year round.

At the age of 29, by the end of my second pregnancy I got sick, I tried the conventional medicine for years without results, I got sicker and sicker, couldn’t sleep at night with pain all over my back, lots of exams, analysis, and all the prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs, that doctors gave me, fail to give me a single night’s sleep.

I started to have all the side effects of the drugs and it was getting worse and worse…

So I knew I had to stop taking them, I started searching for solutions in natural medicines.

I tried many holistic therapies and hundreds of natural supplements in the process, I got better each day, I returned to the land of the living.

My pain vanished with just, Water and Salt! for ever! not a single drug managed to do that, what a Miracle, could you imagine how amazing this was for me!?

I started my detoxification process, I was so toxic without even realizing it, I reversed all sickness, and it was a genetic disease, ankylosing spondylitis!

It has been a long way, I’ve learned so much, I’ve been studying with doctors from the Health Sciences Institute.

I was overweight and sick, but now I’m healed and fit.


My purpose is to help other people to achieve their best version, so many people are overweight, sick, and lost without hope, I want to show them solutions.


My goal is to help heal the world and make it a better place. I want to share the way to a new and vibrant life, with happiness and purpose.

With love,


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